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Basis-A officially confirmed Republic square in Almaty to be dug over

Almaty. February 29. Kazakhstan Today - Company Basis-A officially confirmed the information that the Republic square in Almaty will be completely dug over. The chairman of the Board of Directors of Corporation Basis-A Alexander Belovich informed journalists on Thursday, the agency reports. According to the chairman of the corporation, construction of the multipurpose underground center Almaly was not primarily planned to be constructed on tunneling method. "Now construction is being conducted on one side of the square closed for traffic. After we finish construction, traffic will be allowed on top of the construction. The other side of the road will be closed for construction of foundation ditch of the second turn," the chairman of the corporation informed. He also informed that on March, 25 the company starts the second stage of construction which will last for 9 - 10 months. As it was informed earlier, the representatives of the national-democratic forces of Kazakhstan have been against construction of the center under the square, arguing that construction of such an object under the Republic square is incompatible with its historical role connected with December events of 1986.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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