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One of priority directions of Social-Enterprise Corporations Ertis - subsoil use

Semey. March 3. Kazakhstan Today - One of the priority directions of the Social-Enterprise Corporations Ertis is subsoil use. The chairman of the board of the National company Ertis Kadyrzhan Damitov informed the agency. The management of the corporation is carrying out the negotiations with the investors for creation of the enterprises in the field of subsoil use. The plans of the corporation - manufacture of construction materials in Semey: brick, gravel, sand-gravel mixtures and others. According to K. Damitov, Social-Enterprise Corporations Ertis plans construction of housing for rent and creation of infrastructure for individual housing construction. "This structure should play the main role in realization of the state housing program. We have already started this work and have received the first offers," he noted. Two cities satellites will be constructed according to the new general plan near Semey. "The Social-Enterprise Corporations Ertis will play crucial role in this work." The corporation will completely incur engineering provision. Part of the land will be given to the city free of charge," the chairman of the Social-Enterprise Corporations explained.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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