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Informatization Agency to generate pool of 30 most demanded Kazakhstan Internet-resources

Astana. March 4. Kazakhstan Today - The Agency for Informatization and Communications of Kazakhstan plans within the limits of the concept of formation and development of Kaznet to generate a pool of 30 the most demanded Kazakhstan Internet-resources. The Chairman of the Agency on Informatization and Communications of Kazakhstan Kuanyshbek Esekeev informed today during the government session. "We propose to generate 30 the most demanded Kazakhstan resources because the statistics of the Internet users shows that they use only five - six most often visited sites," K. Esekeev said. "We plan to carry out the research to learn what Kazakhstan Internet - resources are the most interesting for the users to form these 30 Internet resources, the chairman of the Agency continued. As he said, 10 out of these internet resources will be state and 20 will be private. ****** Decrease of tariffs for Internet-services to increase number of Internet-users in Kazakhstan Astana. March 4. Kazakhstan Today - Achievement by Kazakhstan of 20 % level of users the Internet of the general number of the population is possible in the near future at keeping the rates of decrease of tariffs by the operators of the Internet-service. The chairman of the Agency for Informatization and Communication Kuanyshbek Esekeev said, the agency reports. "According to statistics, after decrease by Megaline its tariffs by 20 %, the quantity of users of the Internet has increased twice," K. Esekeev reminded. As it was informed earlier, according to the data of the marketing agency ICT Marketing, in 2007 in Kazakhstan 1 million 600 thousand users of the Internet were registered, or about 11 % of the population of the country. "Quantity of users who use keywords on the Internet Kazakhstan, Astana and Almaty increases every year. According to the company Yandex and Rambler, as of today, there are more than 1 million monthly uses of Kaznet resources, including 62 % - Kazakhstan citizens, 29 % - Russian citizens, 4 % - representatives of other CIS countries, 3 % - Europe, 1 % - Northern America and Asia, 0.5 - the inhabitants of other countries," K. Esekeev concluded.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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