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State budget income made 2.5 trillion KZT in 2006

Astana. February 13. Kazakhstan Today - The state budget income in 2006 reached 2.5 trillion KZT with the excess of the plan by 6.5 %. Natalia Korzhova informed today at the government session of the Minister of Finance of the Republic, the agency reports. According to N. Korzhova, the state budget expenditures for this period have made 2.4 trillion KZT, or 98.6 % of the plan. "At the planned deficit of 136.4 billion KZT there was a proficiency at the rate of 81.6 billion KZT," N. Korzhova noted. According to N. Korzhova, the state budget income plan has been executed by 108.9 %. The total income reached the sum of 2.3 trillion KZT. "The income plan of the Republican budget has been executed by 109.8 %, or at the rate of 1.85 trillion KZT," the Minister of Finance informed. 13.02.07

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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