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 KAZAKHSTAN International Business Magazine №2, 2002
 Irtysh-Avia Airlines Success Is a Result of Real Work
Irtysh-Avia Airlines Success Is a Result of Real Work
East Kazakhstan Oblast is one of the largest regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Its territory comprises 283,300 sq km, with a population of 1,660,900. Its center is Ust-Kamenogorsk. Although the land communication is well-developed, the value of air transport in Kazakhstan’s economy can hardly be overestimated. Only a few regional companies were able to function in the aviation market, “pull up”, and successfully adapt to new economic conditions after crisis. One of the finest examples of regional airline’s success is Irtysh-Avia Airlines. As a result of wise management and administration, the company turned into one of the leading carriers in the Republic of Kazakhstan within a short period.
Since October 4, 1996, Irtysh-Avia Airlines has been an authorized operator in the air transportation market of Kazakhstan, has an operator’s certificate, and carries out flights on domestic and international airlines. Currently, our Airline takes the second place in the country by traffic.
Irtysh-Avia Airlines’ head office is situated in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Affiliated branches are located in Pavlodar, Uralsk, and a representative office in Almaty.
An extended agent network is using Computer Reservation Systems (CRS), specifically, GABRIEL, with which the company started working in 2001.
Irtysh-Avia Airlines’ main sphere of business lies in scheduled passenger carriage, cargo transportation, as well as in efficient organization and performance of VIP-flights on specially equipped YAK-40, rendering full package of shipping services, transportation of dangerous goods, and the organization and performance of charter flights. Irtysh-Avia has its own certified aircraft maintenance and repair center that keeps planes in full compliance with aviation requirements. Irtysh-Avia Airlines owns a sufficient aircraft fleet: 5 YAK-42D airplanes, 12 YAK-40 airplanes.
The Airline’s management puts much effort in taking an active position in the market, and provides a variety of scheduled flights to and from the following cities: Aktau, Almaty, Astana, Atyrau, Baku, Cholpon-Ata, Cologne, Donetsk, Hannover, Kyzylorda, Kostanai, Moscow, Munich, Novosibirsk, Nuernberg, Pavlodar, Shymkent, Uralsk, and Ust-Kamenogorsk.
“The development of any airline primarily depends upon increase of flights network”, says Bulat Karimov, Chairman of the Board of Joint Stock Company Irtysh-Avia Airlines, “this is a normal situation of fighting for a place in the market, nobody will survive without fighting.” According to data received within first six months of 2002, the number of performed flights was increased 47.1% in comparison with the similar period of 2001. Volume of cargo transported increased by 32.4%, while the number of carried passengers has grown by 40.1%. We have developed a range of new trends, accordingly, the annual flight time of the Airline’s aircrafts has increased by 46.8% and made up 5,543 hours, including the increase of flight time by schedule 57%. Moreover, we are planning to develop further. The company’s internal potential has grown twice, extensive and intensive development promotes the expansion of scheduled flight network and provision of convenient connection flights.
This growth has certainly improved Irtysh-Avia’s financial performance. In 2001, the income from air transportation increased by 74% and amounted to 1,812,296,000 tenge. With all that, the total amount of income has grown by 61% and made up 2,075,367,000 tenge. The company’s profits in 2001 equal 18,820,000 tenge, and it is significant because in 2000, the company incurred a loss of 51,644,000 tenge. Within the accounting period, a sum of 133,563,000 tenge was transferred to the budget, including full repayment of debts.
The primary concern of Irtysh-Avia is provision of flight safety and reliable air service system to the customers, citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This challenging task is solved by highly trained personnel who make sure our aircraft fleet is up to aviation standards. Considerable funds are spent for this.
Irtysh-Avia Airlines’ chief aim is to bring the quality of customer service up to the international standards. After all, the passenger sees accomplishments and shortcomings onboard the plane. A well-kept and equipped cabin interior reflects the company’s concern for image and passengers’ opinion. A marketing study based on passenger reaction is the true driving force of the aviation industry. Steady implementation of innovations and cabin interior improvement are put into practice under supervision of Service and Marketing Director of Irtysh-Avia Airlines, Seitzhan Yesmagambetov. Every day the results are assessed by hundreds of passengers. If any interior element has flaws, it harms the Airline’s prestige, image and profitability. In 2001, 192,100,000 tenge was spent on repairs, equipment, interior improvement and aircraft remodeling. A demanding passenger noticed and appreciated the cleanness and neatness onboard Irtysh-Avia Airlines’ planes. Last year seat occupancy rate was almost 54%. The increase in passengers was due to an extensive PR-campaign, including building a corporate identity, effective combination of work with media, and advertisement.
Irtysh-Avia’s dynamic management built up the corporate culture of passenger service. The passengers are warmly welcomed onboard by flight attendants, representing the Airline’s pride. Dressed in smart uniforms, cabin attendants do their best and make the entire flight comfortable and unforgettable for passengers.
Mr.Yesmagambetov said: “Currently, our Airline complies with the main requirements of IATA (International Air Transport Association) and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). Our maintenance base provides service not only for Kazakhstani Airlines, but for Russian companies who bring their YAKs to get technical maintenance and handling.”
To keep abreast of the changes, Irtysh-Avia follows a policy of continuous personnel training state-of-the-art methods as well as updating technologies to provide supreme quality and meet international standards.
To increase efficiency and expand the range of provided services, the company has clearly indicated the aims and objectives for the spring-summer navigation period of 2002, including:
• the introduction of new regular flights from Uralsk and Atyrau to a new international hub of Western Europe, Munich (June 2002);
• the offer of the lowest fare from Almaty to Aktau: $90 one-way, from Almaty to Moscow $160 one-way, and $290 both ways;
• the business-class service for passengers flying on YAK-42D
(June 2002);
• continuation of summer flights from Almaty to Issyk-Kul shore (July-September);
operating regular flights to German cities, including Cologne, Hannover, and Nuernberg from cities of Kazakhstan: Ust-Kamenogorsk, Pavlodar, Kostanai, and Karaganda (the planes of Irtysh-Avia Airlines meet all the European Union requirements for operating flights in Western Europe).
It is certain that further prospects of Irtysh-Avia Airlines look promising on account of growing income of Kazakhstan’s population and investments in the aviation market. Irtysh-Avia is continuing to develop and makes every effort to increase its number of passengers by providing high-quality service. After all, success is a result of real work.
Translation by Irina Sharapova

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