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 KAZAKHSTAN International Business Magazine №3, 2003
 ASTEL: Satellite Technologies for the Oil and Gas Sector
ASTEL: Satellite Technologies for the Oil and Gas Sector
In Kazakhstan, the need for high quality, reliable communications is growing constantly. This is especially noticeable in the oil and gas regions of West and Central Kazakhstan, which are experiencing dynamic economic growth, also in regions with recovering or developing industry and agriculture.
However, the use of telephone and fax services is often impossible, unreliable or overly expensive outside large regional centers and at remote drilling sites, pumping plants at oil and gas pipelines, or distant mines and quarries. In such cases, the most practical and effective solution is to organize a corporate network based on satellite technology.
ASTEL, which was formed ten years ago, is currently the largest telecommunications operator in Kazakhstan. It offers a wide range of services: voice, data and video transmission, Internet access, financial telecommunications, and construction of customized corporate networks meeting international standards.
For enterprises and organizations operating in remote or inaccessible localities, ASTEL offers cost-effective solutions that utilize the DialAway IP and FaraWay VSAT satellite technologies provided by its partner, the Israeli company Gilat Satellite.
DialAway IP is a satellite network for telephony, Internet access and data transmission. It provides high quality voice and facsimile transmission and Internet access. It is a reasonably priced and reliable solution for business communications.
Main features of DialAway IP networks:
• Top-Quality Full Duplex Voice
• Group III fax relay with automated voice/fax mode switching
• Controlling and monitoring all parameters of the VSAT remote terminals via satellite link
• Ultra-low power consumption and the possibility of using solar cells, which provide the perfect solution for remote locations where electricity supplies are minimal or non-existent
• High reliability
• Unique immunity to interference and data interception
• Low installation and maintenance cost
• Fast deployment
FaraWay VSAT is a satellite network for voice and data transmission that meets all PSTN standards and private network requirements for voice encryption, data transmission channels, signaling, call accounting and maintenance.
The main features of FaraWay VSAT networks:
• Dynamic resource allocation
• High-speed data links on demand
• Single modem/single carrier operation
• Compliance with commercial standards
• High quality voice, data and fax transmission
• Automated call accounting
• Improved switching capability
• Low power consumption
• Easy expansion
The company has successfully commissioned over 500 terminals using satellite systems. For example, DialAway terminals link the numerous offices and drilling sites of Hurricane Kumkol Munai Corporation into a single information space.
Thanks to the implementation of DialAway IP satellite telecommunication system all the remote technical sites of Atyrau Zharyk Company were connected into a single network, allowing many problems involving electronic document circulation and operational management to be resolved. Complex production operation tasks now can be solved much more quickly than before.
In a very short period of time, ASTEL has installed a corporate data and voice communication system for KumkolTransService Company’s offices, which are located at various oil fields in Kzyl-Orda oblast. KumkolTransService divisions situated in remote and inaccessible localities have been provided with reliable and high-quality telephone connection, allowing them to make long distance and international calls anywhere around the globe at economical rates.
ASTEL has vast experience of cooperating with companies such as KazTransOil, KIO, Kazakhoil Aktobe, Borusan Makina Kazakhstan, a subsidiary of Halliburton Inc, KuatAmlonMunai, Aktobemunaigaz, Agip Karachaganak BV, Turgai Petroleum, GIS Company, and many others.
ASTEL implements turnkey corporate network solutions, which include customer network design, shipment, installation and round-the-clock maintenance of equipment.

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