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 Azimut Energy Services, a Leader in the Kazakhstan Market of Geological & Geophysical Services
Azimut Energy Services, a Leader in the Kazakhstan Market of Geological & Geophysical Services
Azimut Energy Services was established in 1999 through a merger of leading geophysical service companies of Kazakhstan (Azimut JSC, Geotex JSC, Aktyubinskaya Geophysical Expedition JSC and Kazakhstanlogistics JSC) and International Energy Services LLP (USA).
Azimut Energy Services has a head office in Almaty and branch offices in Aktyubinsk, Atyrau, Karaganda, Pavlodar, Shymkent, representative offices in Aktau, Astana and the Bautino marine base located on the Caspian shore. Azimut Energy Services has opened overseas representative offices in United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Turkey and Libya.
At present Azimut Energy Services is a leading geophysical service company operating in Kazakhstan and Central Asian markets. The company’s activity is focused on seismic exploration works for hydrocarbon finding, full-scale geological and geophysical surveys for ore prospecting, engineering and geological investigations, geological survey, geo-ecological research, ecological monitoring, hydrogeological water supply works, field acquisition, processing and interpretation of geophysical data ordered by petroleum and geologic exploration companies. Azimut Energy Services clients are such large companies as Agip KCO, Amerada Hess, BP-Amoco, British Gas, Elf, Exxon, FIOC, Hurricane Kumkol Munay, Japan NOC, Lukoil, Mobil, Shell, Texaco, Tengizchevroil, and that is incomplete list of the company.
Azimut Energy Services has up-to-date equipment and technologies to perform comprehensive geological & geophysical prospecting for ores, rare metals, coal and radioactive mineral deposits. To pursue this task Azimut Energy Services employs gravity and magnetic surveys, electronic prospecting and geochemical technologies, as well as a modern analytical base and automated data processing facilities. Azimut Energy Services has capabilities for conducting radiometric and ecological time-lapse surveys at a state-of-the-art technical and technological level. Performance of environmental impact assessment and environmental preservation projects have been done for the Government of Kazakhstan and International companies.
Despite the decline in activity in the international metals market observed during recent years, Azimut Energy Services continues to maintain a high professional level of services provided to the mining companies. In this respect a crucial advantage of Azimut Energy Services is that it hires exclusively specialists and support personnel from the local regions of sites where it operates.
For the last five years, Azimut Energy Services has maintained its leadership in the Kazakhstani market of land geological & geophysical exploration through undertaking challenging jobs from both state enterprises and private companies. The range of its operations is quite extensive: from the discovery of large rare metal deposits to the water supply to the Astana Residence of the President of Kazakhstan, and from comprehensive combined geophysical in surveys in the Caspian region to time-lapse geo-ecological studies of test-site areas. Recently performed high-profile projects include discovery of a unique deposit, a study of the Bogatyr coal mine watering sources, integrated geophysical exploration of the Eastern border of Pre-Caspian depression commissioned by BP-AMOCO-TPAO JV, geo-ecological monitoring of Semipalatinsk nuclear test-site and of the Emba space-vehicle launching site area.
At the order of the Semey company Azimut Energy Services carried out combined operations within the Karazhair coal mine, detected the Kishken deposit of gold and discovered a new Shorskoye copper-molybdenum deposit. Azimut Energy Services clients also include Zharemsky GOC JSC, Shumarkolsky Razrez JSC and Kameco Gold JSC.
Azimut Energy Services has extensive and profound expertise in operations in the most diversified and tough geographical and climatic conditions to be found in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, within both industrial areas and the ecologically sensitive zones of national reserves.
One of the major trends in the development of their operational technologies is the extensive application of telemetric data acquisition systems, satellite communications and operational monitoring facilities as well as robust and powerful Silicon Graphics Origin-2000 computers of the latest generation. Currently Azimut Energy Services has the most powerful technical base and leading-edge software to process geophysical data anywhere in Central Asia and FSU. Besides that, all the field crews and regional representations are equipped with up-to-date hardware and communications equipment ensuring uninterrupted monitoring of the quality of operations and management of production processes.
Azimut Energy Services is energetically developing applied scientific research in the geophysical domain in order to enhance the efficiency of its work, and diversify its services based on the newest technologies.
Azimut Energy Services head office formed the basis for creating a technological computing centre and a corporate information network, providing a full suite of information and computing services to all clients and corporate users. The Center has a data storage facility equipped to international safety standards.
One of the main principles of the establishment Azimut Energy Services was the formation of a diversified geophysical company providing a wide range of services in different fields of the raw material, fuel and energy industry.
The company’s primary guideline is a total commitment to compliance with safety, health and environmental regulations. An in-house developed Comprehensive Quality & Safety Management System allowed Azimut Energy Services to make record achievements in this area. Over 2000 people from virtually every region of Kazakhstan have been employed over recent years.
The company’s policy is to continuously train its personnel in safe methods of working. To pursue this goal Azimut Energy Services is continually updating its technical facilities to ensure the highest quality of results meeting International standards.

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