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 KAZAKHSTAN International Business Magazine №3, 2004
 Market Leaders' Communication Technology
Market Leaders' Communication Technology
Communication Technology Ltd Company was founded in 1994. Over the ten years of its activity the company has grown from a small regional firm to a big company, which provides deliveries and customer services throughout the country. Highly skilled in the establishment of radio communication systems of any complexity, Communication Technology Ltd meets a full range of challenges: from engineering to turnkey operations. The company provides its clients with modern and reliable radio communications and controlling systems meeting the highest requirements for efficiency, operability and safety.
Such company products as TETRA, LTR and MPT 1327 trunked and conventional radio communication systems based on KENWOOD and VERTEX equipment are in great demand now. Besides these products, the company provides inexpensive low power radio stations bearing the same trade marks to meet the demand for communication systems with a small effective range (up to 5 km); for example, for guard services, camera operators, managers for large-scale campaigns, etc. Reliable KENWOOD and VERTEX radio stations are used to establish short wave systems for medium-long distance communication (from 100 to 2000 km).
Using the world's leading INDUSTRONIC and ZETRON equipment, the company establishes operational, technical and dispatch communication systems in different industries. This product line includes operational dispatch communication systems, dispatching desks of various sizes and modifications, loudspeaker communication and paging equipment, such as corrosion, flame and weather-proof loudspeaker communication equipment, and specialized communication equipment for industrial cranes.
Another segment of the company's activity is supplying radiotelephone communication systems equipped with SENAO radiotelephones, user stations, trunking controller and RCS amplifiers. In addition, Communication Technology Ltd deals with leading manufacturers such as GOLDEN GATE TELESYSTEMS, ALGON and WiLAN (radio relay equipment), DIAMOND, CUSHCRAFT, TELEWAVE, MAXRAD and RADIAL (a wide range of high quality antennas), ASTRON, NEWMAR and DIAMOND (converters, PSUs and data protection units).
The good progress in the company's business is based on a well-developed partnership with such big and well known companies as Kenwood (the USA), EMR (the USA), INDUSTRONIC (Germany), Vertex Radio Communications (Japan-USA), Trident (the USA), Zetron (the USA), Astron Corporation (the USA), Senao (Taiwan), RCS (Ukraine), Radial (Russia) and WiLAN (Canada). Since 1997 Communication Technology Ltd has been closely cooperating with Canadian Executive Services Association, Executive Service Corps of the USA, and leading analysts and consultants which direct its business and promote its growth.
Today Communication Technology Ltd provides services for the most part to enterprises engaged in such main sectors as mining, metallurgy, oil & gas production, petroleum refining, transport and agriculture. The company's regular customers are the Eurasian Energy Corporation, Kazchrom transnational company, the Aksu Ferro-Alloy Plant, Embamunaigas, Aluminum of Kazakhstan, KazTransOil, KazTransCom, Kazzink, Pavlodar Refinery, Aktubneftesvyaz, Bogatyr Access Komir, Sokolov-Sarbaiski Mining and Processing Company, Ispat-Karmet, and KEGOC. Apart from that the company has great experience in cooperating with such important governmental authorities as the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Criminal and Executive Committee, the Committee on Government Communications, the Republican Guard of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, the Forestry, Fishery and Hunting Committee, and the Agency for Emergency
Communication Technology Ltd's main principles of dealing with customers consist of anticipating their needs and forecasting related tasks and problems. This approach enables the company to propose modern and effective solutions at each stage of project realization including consulting services, the development of technical and commercial proposals, project creation, equipment delivery, installation, testing, troubleshooting, setting up operations, and training customer personnel.
The company's technical department has an important place in providing this range of services because it is a part of the service center and provides warranty, post-warranty and maintenance services. In its work the department uses advanced control and measuring equipment (HP 8921, Advantest R3763AH and MFJ equipment), providing high efficiency in adjusting and repairing professional radio communication equipment. Every technical specialist is provided with a personal portable computer and a full set of necessary tools and   appliances. The company's transport department responds to changing conditions and assists in installation work in a timely manner.
All technical specialists have great experience in the operations of radio equipment. The company continuously arranges supplier-based training courses for its personnel and systematically holds in-house technical training and seminars in order to improve the quality of installation and maintenance services, and to familiarize personnel with new types of equipment and advanced methods of operation.
The equipment and systems installed by the company are mostly the new products in the domestic telecommunications market. That is why Communication Technology Ltd puts an emphasis on training its customers by teaching them both theoretical and practical skills in the operation of equipment and providing them with information on new products by means of seminars and exhibitions.
In order to extend contacts with potential partners Communication Technology Ltd takes an active part in such international exhibitions as KITEL (Astana, Almaty), AtyrauTelecom (Atyrau), Svyaz-Expocom (Moscow), CEBIT (Hanover).
 The following have propelled Communication Technology Ltd to be one of the recognized leaders in the Kazakhstani market of radio communication systems: a wide range of equipment delivery, high quality workmanship in installation, quick and free delivery after sale service and training, reasonable prices, an option to pay after delivery, and assistance in arranging and obtaining necessary permits for use of radio-frequency spectrums.
We will readily be a reliable partner for You, either by providing solutions, effective assistance, or by being a good adviser. We set a high value on our ability to solve a part of Your tasks in radio communication. Our equipment will be a powerful tool in operating control and security and make Your business more efficient with high-tech production and the most competitive products.
Communication Technology Ltd
124, Al-Farabi av., 458003, Kostanai, the Republic of Kazakhstan
Telephone: +7 (3142) 53 83 83, Fax: +7 (3142) 53 83 55.
http: //        e-mail:

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