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Economic integration of Russia and Kazakhstan - strategic idea of further development of region - N. Petrakov

Astana. June 27. Kazakhstan Today - Economic integration of Russia and Kazakhstan and other east regions CIS countries - strategic idea of further development of this region, Director of Institute of Market Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolay Petrakov said at the session of the Eurasian Economic club of scientists in Astana on Wednesday, the agency transfers. "The main thing is to reanimate principle of import substitution to realize this idea," N. Petrakov explained. "Now the majority of our countries export primary resources in non-processed kind while even primary processing of raw products gives huge economic benefit," he said. "The second objective, according to N. Petrakov, is "development of infrastructure, first of all transport." "No high-speed railway and motorways on the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as other neighboring countries, which have become a typical phenomenon in many developed countries of the world," Petrakov noted. The third problem, in his opinion, "is rapprochement of monetary-financial and credit structures," N. Petrakov considers. "It is necessary to organize shared use of stabilization funds for integration investment," he considers.

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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