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SCO experts debated probable establishment of Power Club

TASHKENT. February 27. KAZINFORM /Rassul Bakhamov/ An international round table under the theme Prospects for formation of the SCO Power Club was held in Tashkent on Monday. The politologists, officials and representatives of the SCO business structures from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and the secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization participated in the forum. Having stressed the importance of deepening fuel and power cooperation between the SCO member countries, the specialists also paid attention to the problems of energy security. They discussed both the establishment of the SCO Power Club and the problem points of this process. According to the participants of the conference, the diverse level of economic development and water-power potential among the SCO member states may provoke negative trends from the outside. In this respect the creation of the SCO Power Club seems vitally important. Owing to this structure the organization’s member countries will be able to establish orders on the territory as consistent with their traditions and regardless of the world stereotypes and doctrines. The head of the Kazakhstani group of experts, Director General of the International Institute of Contemporary Politics Bektas Mukhamedzhanov stressed it was crucial to pay attention to the multifaceted cooperation between the SCO Power Club and OPEC and other specialized organizations. At the end of the meeting those present voted the written appeal to the SCO Secretary General saying the Power Club could be a sort of “expert platform” for discussion and practical realization of the energy and transit projects of the SCO member states.


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