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Best conditions in region for foreign investments created in Kazakhstan - USA Ambassador

Almaty. November 6. Kazakhstan Today - The best conditions in the region for foreign investments have been created in Kazakhstan. The Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary Ambassador of the USA to the Republic of Kazakhstan, Richard Haugland, stated today during the press conference, the agency reports. "Kazakhstan has created reasonably good conditions for direct foreign investments ... In this country volume of direct foreign investments exceeds the parameters in any other countries of the region," R. Haugland said. "New western companies continue to invest in Kazakhstan and to come to this market," he noted. "Kazakhstan has involved large volume of direct foreign investments owing to the economic situation in the country and, in particular, stability of contracts," the Ambassador explained. "Total amount of investments of the US companies makes $15 billion including $11 billion in the industry of extraction of hydrocarbons." The US Ambassador expressed confidence that Kazakhstan government will carry out its obligations concerning foreign investors. "The government of Kazakhstan has assured the governments of foreign states that those contracts that have already been signed will not be changed," R. Haugland said. "As for those who would like to negotiate new contracts, concerning new projects, Kazakhstan will accept a more strict position."

Resourse: Kazakhstan Today

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