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Kazakhstan-France: cooperation in space development gathers pace

ASTANA. September 17. KAZINFORM /Sara Kabikyzy/ The decision of the Presidents of Kazakhstan and France on strategic partnership in space development sphere is taking shape in real cooperation. Kazkosmos strives to strengthen cooperation with France. Chairman of the National Space Agency of Kazakhstan Talgat Mussabayev says French companies producing advanced space technologies have big international experience that can be of help to Kazakhstan. Throughout the year the Kazakh Agency has been actively interacting with the National Space Scientific Centre of France (CNES) in drafting an intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in exploration and peaceful usage of outer space. The parties are expected to sign this basic document in space cooperation within the upcoming official visit of French Leader Nicolas Sarkozy to Kazakhstan. On the conclusion of the working group established by Kazakh Prime Minister's decree as of Dec 18, 2008 France's EADS Astrium was chosen strategic partner of Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary NC JSC in realization of two space development projects. These are the projects on creation of an enterprise for designing and manufacturing of space vehicles in Astana and the Earth remote sensing space system of the Republic of Kazakhstan (ERS RK). As President of Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary NC JSC Gabdullatif Murzakulov informed, on January 20, 2009 there was established a working group on negotiations with the EADS Astrium. The Kazakh Company has organized eight meetings and 12 telephone conferences parties constantly share experience in coordination of the contract and technical specification of the ERS RK. On the basis of independent examination the French side developed several technical decisions. A delegation of Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary headed by the company's Vice President Marat Nurguzhin has recently returned from France. Following the official visit the French Government officially confirmed its consent for supply of a preliminary design to space vehicles assembly and testing complex in Astana. Particular attention was given to the transfer of technologies. The parties noted that the technologies would be transferred through basic and advanced study, usage of documentation. Following the meeting representatives of Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary JSC and EADS Astrium made amendments to the draft contract on ERS RK and checked out financial-economic provision. As is known, the work on creation of an enterprise for designing and manufacturing of space vehicles in Astana is carried out on schedule. On June 17, 2009 Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary and EADS Astrium entered into an agreement on general design of the assembly-testing complex. On August 20, 2009 Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary signed an agreement with VL LLP Kazakh Construction Company on design and exploration work. First trilateral meeting of the representatives of Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary NC JSC, EADS Astrium and VL LLP has been held recently in Astana during which the parties defined their joint action plan. President of Kazakhstan Garysh Sapary Gabdullativ Murzakulov reported to Head of the National Space Agency Talgat Mussabayev on the course of realization of the abovementioned projects who in turn highly appraised the paces of the work on strategic partnership with the French Company.


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